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Tobacco Use Licensing and Reduction Programs

SMART (Smoke-Free Multi-Agency Resource Team) Coalition

Funding for the SMART Program is provided by the Michigan Department of Community Health and the GCHD to reduce tobacco use and exposure to tobacco smoke in Genesee County. Services include: policy and advocacy projects, public awareness and media campaigns, training and education programs for a variety of audiences, stop smoking referrals and information, as well as information dissemination.

Designated Youth Tobacco Representative

Funding for Designated Youth Tobacco Representative is provided by Genesee Health System.  State and federal funds are used to coordinate youth tobacco initiatives in Genesee County. Services provided include: presenting anti-tobacco messages to youth organizations in a variety of settings (schools, churches, community groups), enforcing local and state youth tobacco access policies, as well as subcontracting with a youth prevention agency to perform compliance checks.

Tobacco Licensing and Enforcement

Local funding is used to enforce county licensing and clean indoor air laws. The laws include:

  • Any establishment selling tobacco products in Genesee County must have a license for retail sale of tobacco.  To print a copy of the tobacco license application click here.
  • Smoking is prohibited in enclosed places including restrooms, stairwells, common areas and public and private worksites.

Services provided: follow-up on complaints of stores selling tobacco to minors (under age 18), follow-up on complaints in violation of local clean air laws, presentations on laws and tobacco-related policies to a variety of audiences, assistance in tobacco-free policy development, ongoing compliance checks, retailer education and assistance.

Tobacco Regulations

Genesee County Regulations for License for Retail Sale of Tobacco and to Prohibit Sale of Tobacco to Minors

Genesee County Regulation to Prohibit Smoking in Enclosed Places